Run/Walk Groups

We have 3 AOs that are dedicated to breaking a sweat while racking up some miles! We welcome runners and walkers of all paces – you’ll never be left behind. Running can be very intimidating for the beginner runner, but please don’t let that deter you from joining us… just look at some of the benefits of joining running or walking group:

  1. ACCOUNTABILITY – Running groups hold you accountable when that little voice in your head tries to convince you to skip the run. When there are others counting on you, you’re more likely to show up. One of the biggest reasons people stop running is because they lack this accountability.

  2. CONSISTENCY – One of best ways to become a better runner is to do it more. Having a regular, weekly running group will help ensure that you stick with your running not only during race season, but in the middle of winter when it’s even harder to get those miles in.

  3. MOTIVATION – There is always someone who is faster, has ran more races, or can run further than you can. This will encourage you to give 110% while you’re running with the group. Chances are, someone in your group is training for a race or their next PR – there’s nothing like having a group of women training right beside you and being your cheerleader all the way to the finish line!

  4. SOCIALIZATION – Running with a group even benefits on a psychological level! The term is called “social facilitation” which basically means that running in a group helps you to put in more effort than you usually would. Running with others makes you keep up with them and also helps to run faster. Even chatting during your runs can help take your mind off the task at hand and make the time fly by!